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About this Training Programme

The Secondary School Direct Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a one academic year (37-week) course that trains graduates to be secondary school teachers. The PGCE programme has been designed to train teachers for the full secondary age phase (11-18).

You are assessed against the standards for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in two key stages, normally KS3 and KS4. Additionally you will be given the opportunity to engage in some observation and teaching at Post 16 in AS/A2 (the schools offer a range of courses at Post 16) and also in primary and/or special settings, if that interests you.

As a secondary school teacher, it is essential that you acquire skills to make your subject relevant to and interesting for all students and have an empathy for students who may find your subject difficult to learn and apply as well as having the skills to challenge the most able.

The course offers an exciting and developmental model of training to teach with an emphasis on developing your professional competence alongside ensuring a high level of knowledge, skills and understanding. This is also underpinned by a clear understanding of the philosophy of teaching across the age and ability range.

The course is just the beginning of what we hope will be a process of continual professional development throughout a challenging and rewarding career

Working with the University of the West of England (UWE)

Alongside your teaching placements you will complete assignments (under the aegis of UWE) for the academic aspects of the course (for example, theories of learning and subject pedagogy) some of which are completed at Master’s level.  You will also be required to collect evidence to show that you can meet the Teaching Standards. Your subject knowledge training will take place at UWE alongside other trainees in your subject (apart from PE and DT where all the subject training will take place in school).

You will be encouraged to work collaboratively and to share your knowledge, skills and understanding with other trainees through small group projects.

Personal Support

The Swindon Teacher Training Partnership has the flexibility to offer a truly tailored training programme for each individual. As with all aspects of learning, trainees will develop skills in different areas and at different speeds and the teaching load and mix of classes can be designed to best meet your personal needs.  With the STTP, you will get the best of both worlds; involvement in a large trainee cohort when meeting centrally at UWE for academic support and central training; smaller group sessions when working with the trainee cohort across the partnership and, individual sessions with your subject mentor. While teaching is a very rewarding career, we recognise that it can also be tough and schools are fast-paced environments.  Our commitment is to support all trainees to ensure that they are as successful as possible in their training year in order to create excellent teachers for the future.

Careers/Further Study

There is huge scope for career development within education whether you choose to take an academic route focusing on your subject specialism with roles such as head of department or opt for a more pastoral focus with roles such as head of year.  Taking on additional responsibility should be something that you aim to do once you have established yourself in your new role as a teacher and opportunities such as head of key stage, head of house, literacy coordinator exist in all schools.

For further information on your career in teaching, including salary scales and case studies of current trainee teachers, click here.